I have referred clients to Steve many times over the past 10 years. Steve not only delivers extraordinary expertise against my clients’ issues, but he also develops a great rapport with the people who work with him. In fact, I have one client who recently used Steve to draft his estate plan. This client has stopped me more than once to tell me how much he appreciated my referral and how pleased he was with Steve’s work product.

Mark Benskin

Managing Director, US Bank

Dan is an exceptional counselor on business and legal matters to owners and leaders of privately-held companies.  Our firm has worked alongside Dan on a number of client engagements involving privately-held, many of which are family held, businesses involving critical matters pertaining to ownership transition strategies and other M&A initiatives.  For business owners considering a major strategic or financial initiative, our firm is quick to recommend that they first have a conversation with Mayer Galligan Law.

Christopher Riegg

Partner, Promontory Point Capital

Dan Galligan was referred to Beacon Business Group by an M&A advisor we have worked with in then past.  We brought Dan in to represent a client of ours through due diligence and Closing preparation.  In my 15+ years of selling businesses, this was one of if not the most challenging negotiations we have been a part of.  After the successful Closing, I told our client that without Dan’s counsel the sale would have had a slim chance to reach completion. Dan is a consummate professional who works well with individuals on both sides of the negotiating table. He is focused and dedicated, and I am completely comfortable referring my clients to him for their legal services.

Steve Boylan

President, Beacon Business Group

Dan has been my corporate attorney for over 10 years now.  During that time Dan has helped me start and exit several businesses.  Dan has always and will always be an integral part of all of my business opportunities.  His abilities as an attorney and his attention to detail have provided the necessary security to me personally and the business that I have owned.  Looking beyond Dan’s skills as an attorney, the most important thing I can say about Dan is that he has taken a personal interest in my success, both personally and professionally.

Dave Glyzewski

Serial Entrepreneur, Former Owner/Centare Group, Ltd.

Daniel S. Galligan of Mayer Galligan Law, LLC has been providing our company legal advice and Partnership Planning assistance for the past 5 years.

When our company decided to change from a corporate structure to a Limited Liability Partnership, Daniel provided the expert and professional guidance to insure a seamless transition.  He is also assisting our existing partnership group in our recent succession planning efforts to bring on new partners to protect the long term success of the company.  Daniel has always provided knowledgeable, professional, and friendly advice for all of our legal matters.

If your company is looking for corporate legal representation, I would highly recommend Daniel Galligan and Mayer Galligan Law, LLC.

Dave DuChateau, PE

President, Ring & DuChateau

On behalf of Max Weiss Company, I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Galligan of Mayer Galligan law for the last 10 years. Dan has provided us thoughtful and strategic advice on a wide range of corporate and family business issues. Dan’s down to earth communication style and practical common sense explanation of complex legal issues has earned our teams trust.

Paul C. Schulz

President, Max Weiss Company, LLC

Attorney Daniel Galligan was highly recommended to me, and now I know why. He has been invaluable in every step with my startup company. I respect and admire Dan’s persona, integrity and character. He is the kind of person who makes you feel totally comfortable and is a great coach and mentor, as well as my legal advisor. In what he calls “our lesson of the day,” he explains complicated legal issues in easily-understandable English.

I have such confidence in Dan that I invited him to meet with my investors; he not only exceeded their expectations, but won them over personally as well. Our relationship began with Dan as my personal & business attorney; he’s now Attorney for the company, too.

Dan has always done what is best for me; the result is that I sleep well, knowing that a man of his competence and strength is in charge of our legal matters. Perhaps most important, he’s an absolute joy to work with and has been “on my side” from the very beginning.

Thomas Bushkie

President, Rainforest Beverage Co.

Having Dan represent True Process was one of the best decisions we could have made. From client negotiations to internal policy making, I believe the end results have allowed us to grow as a stable, profitable company. He has a great deal of business knowledge and keeps his pulse on what is new and important to our business as we head into the future.

Todd Dunsirn

President, True Process

I have worked with Dan and his team on several M&A transactions, and I was impressed with his legal work and business judgment. Our mutual clients, who were business owners we advised in selling their businesses, have been pleased with the prices, terms, and documentation they received in the transactions.

John Emory Jr.

President, Emory & Co., LLC

I have had the pleasure of knowing Daniel Galligan for many years and have also had the opportunity to be his client. I have found his responsiveness and practical advice to be a great asset to me and my legal team and look forward to continuing to work with him and his firm.

Jascha Beck Walter

Legal Counsel, Software One

Dan has guided us through all legal matters of the business for 15+ years. He is very knowledgeable in business law and has a good business sense. We value his advice and are lucky to have him represent True Process.

Todd Dursirn

President, True Process


Business owners and entrepreneurs understand what it takes to be successful.  They want lawyers who understand and appreciate the
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