LLO Notification



Mayer Galligan Law, LLC. is a limited liability company. This means every attorney in our firm who either directly performs or supervises legal services for you will have full professional responsibility and legal liability for those services, in addition to the firm itself. However, individual attorneys in the firm who have no direct involvement or supervisory role in your representation will not have any personal liability for the legal services performed by others in the firm so long as our firm continues to satisfy the requirements under our applicable Supreme Court Rules – which require an annual registration with the State Bar of Wisconsin (which we have done), maintenance of specified minimum levels of insurance (which we exceed) and inclusion of an appropriate limited liability designation in our name (which we do through the use of the “LLC”).

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Business owners and entrepreneurs understand what it takes to be successful.  They want lawyers who understand and appreciate the
problems, risks and issues of business ownership.  We are a new type of law firm — we are entrepreneurs, as well, and we understand.

Finally, a law firm where business owners and entrepreneurs can place their trust.